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Marine Forecast


Fish Ranger provides forecasts tuned to open water where wind can be twice as strong as on land. Other apps are only able to provide forecasts at the shoreline so will often underestimate wind strength on the water. Wind blows faster over water because there is less surface friction. Fish Ranger has hundreds of nearshore and offshore locations registered so you get a forecast tuned to the exact spot you are going from near shore to out wide. Maritime Safety warns boaters about the need to use a marine weather app because of the higher wind speeds, see what they say about it by clicking here

Second Wind Forecast Model

In addition to showing BOM’s best wind forecast data, Fish Ranger provides a second wind chart that shows the American GFS forecast model.Seeing two wind charts side by side gives a second opinion of what the wind will be and therefor more confidence in the forecast ahead. The GFS forecast is widely regarded as the worlds best global model and is totally independent from the BOM. When they both agree on upcoming conditions there is a high degree of confidence those conditions will prevail. Fish Ranger’s free version gives GFS for the current day and premium subscribers get a full 10 days of GFS wind forecast.


10 Day forecasts


Fish Ranger’s premium subscribers enjoy 10 days of forecast for wind, air pressure, cloud cover, sun, moon, and Solunar. See two weekends at once so you can pick the best to go fishing.

Live Wind Tracking with Gust Speed

Average wind speed doesn’t give you the full picture, Fish Ranger overlays average and gust speed on the forecast chart so you can see how the forecast is tracking to actuals and know what conditions are really like. Some Apps only provide average wind speed but it’s gusts that cause the chop. Our charts give you a visual picture what conditions are like. Fish Ranger updates live wind readings every 10 mins and plots them for the entire day so you can see exactly when changes arrive and what conditions are like in real time.


Air Pressure Charts


"1020 fish-a-plenty”

Many experienced fishermen use the barometer to predict when fish will come on or go off the bite. Fish Ranger’s air pressure chart (aka barometer) shows you a full 10 days ahead and provides live tracking of current air pressure.

Full Wave and Swell Breakdown

Fish Ranger provides Wind Wave, Primary Swell, Secondary Swell and Total Wave charts so you know exactly how much chop there will be, how large the swell is and what direction(s) it will be coming from. Other apps provide a single ‘Swell chart’ which is really a Total Wave chart combining the effects of wind wave and swell in one. This doesn’t tell you how smooth the water surface will be, how big the rolling swell is or how many swell trains there will be. By breaking it out separately you know exactly what to expect on the water.


Log Book


Log Book lets you record your fishing trips so you can go back and see what the weather was on that day. It shows you charts of actual weather experienced on days you fished along with all the sun, moon and tide information. Look for weather patterns that may or may not have been favourable so you can get the edge on your next trip

Multi Device Support

Access your subscription across all your devices – PC, Tablet, Phone. Your subscription is tied to a user account not a device so you can log in from anywhere and retain your premium access and settings.


Solunar Calendar and Sun/Moon Charts


We provide a Solunar Calendar that shows the best times to be fishing according to Solunar theory. Our sun and moon charts also give clear information in chart form so you can pick the best times to be on the water.

Tides and Tidal Streams

Fish Ranger gives accurate tide information for all registered marine locations. For users in Port Phillip Bay, we also provide tidal stream data so you know when slack water times will be. Traverse The Rip with confidence.




This feature shows paired forecasts and observations for all weather stations in your area. This allows you to see how a forecast is tracking over a wide area and lets you see when changes hit the horizon so you know when to expect them where you are.

Built by an Aussie

Fish Ranger was started by a Melbourne fisho who got frustrated with other options and wanted to build the ‘Go To’ weather site for Australian fishermen. By going premium you are supporting an Aussie business doing its best to provide a valuable and much needed service.


Everything On One Page


We take the best bits of information from BOM, overseas agencies and our own specialised data sets and present it on one page in easy to read charts. Access everything in one app and be confident you are getting the best information available curated to the needs of fishermen and boaters.

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